Caked [adjective]

Definition of Caked:

dark and cloudy

Synonyms of Caked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caked:

Sentence/Example of Caked:

When bakers follow a recipe to make a cake, they end up with cake.

The country had bigger problems, and their wedding cake could wait.

This super simple cake makes an excellent, not-too-sweet afternoon snack and keeps very well.

They learned a long time ago they can’t have their cake and eat it too when it comes to openly fighting these platforms while directly funding them.

One can’t offer a cake, a hug, or words of support to people born in the 23rd century.

The added threat from the coronavirus is like “icing on the cake,” he said, and should compel Wheeler to adopt an even more stringent limit.

Blue crabsRare is the person who doesn’t like steamed crabs or crab cakes.

Other plants that undergo a similar process, like ginkgos and members of the Caprifoliaceae family, smell more like dead animals than cake shops when dying, Aiello says.

The one that took the cake, though, was when he tossed out a counterfactual.

Plausible deniability is baked into the cake of his authoritarian system.