Cakewalk [noun]

Definition of Cakewalk:

easy activity

Synonyms of Cakewalk:







Opposite/Antonyms of Cakewalk:


Sentence/Example of Cakewalk:

Well, he'll be back on the night train, for to-morrow is the final cakewalk of his old Conference.

Still others, doing a kind of animated cakewalk, carried toy ray guns which they fired at random into the crowd.

I know she can dance, for have I not seen her executing the cakewalk in Dimbie's tea-rose slippers?

In Paris the cakewalk is a thing of misunderstood, misapplied accents.

He tipped his derby one-sided and started off on a cakewalk.

The matron, in the wickedness of her heart, turns on an orchestral "cakewalk."

Men grasped each other around the waists, performing some kind of crazy dance that looked like an Indian cakewalk.