Calaboose [noun]

Definition of Calaboose:

penal institution

Synonyms of Calaboose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calaboose:


Sentence/Example of Calaboose:

But mind, the three waifs were never in the town; only on the beach and in the calaboose.

Of course, and if we leave him in that weak old calaboose, they'll get more help and take him out to-night.

An army might lose enthusiasm and prestige if it spent a night or two in the calaboose.

They conducted us to what they had termed "the calaboose," a big, ramshackle, one-roomed barn-like structure.

We want a locomotive and a calaboose to take us to Boynton, and we are quite willing to pay anything reasonable.

The prisoners plodded dejectedly up the track until they reached the calaboose, into which the others drove them.

Cold draughts swept the rocking calaboose, the stove roared, and one smelt locomotive smoke.

A Mormon police report is headed, One drunk at the calaboose.

Who knows the truth and speaks too loose In Berlin gets in the calaboose!

He saw John Bunyan running loose, and put him in the calaboose.