Calamities [noun]

Definition of Calamities:

disaster; tragedy

Synonyms of Calamities:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calamities:

Sentence/Example of Calamities:

It was he who deserved punishment—not the sufferer with his calamities imposed upon him by his erring sire.

There is something cold and chilling in the supports which pride and philosophy alone can afford under the calamities of life.

The man who brought these calamities on his country was not a mere visionary or a mere swindler.

The small production of Campbell may be partly explained by his domestic calamities.

The burden and mystery of life lay heavily on him—its lasting calamities and vanishing joys, its trials and disappointments.

Seventy-four, Sir; I have lived to see great calamities, both as regards others and myself.

And then again he remembered his manifold calamities, and burrowed and wallowed in the sense of his disgrace and shame.

Are you ready by your resistance to hand over our beloved country to innumerable calamities, and cause the shedding of blood?

Its realization would bring humanity to the greatest calamities.

(It is generally agreed that) all calamities, sufferings, griefs and similar evils are aggravated in proportion to their duration.