Calamitous [adjective]

Definition of Calamitous:

disastrous; tragic

Synonyms of Calamitous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calamitous:

Sentence/Example of Calamitous:

Three calamitous invasions in one year might well have induced reflection in a statesmanlike mind.

One disaster after another had left him with the belief that he was marked out by fate for calamitous fortunes.

Her brother Rowsley might also be showing another sign of his calamitous condition.

While under sentence of death, Blake did not show a concern proportioned to his calamitous situation.

But we have nothing to do with the constitutionally luckless: the calamitous history of a simple empty stomach is enough.

Here the visitation which impended over her was still more calamitous than all that had preceded it.

The calamitous situation of the nation at this time became truly appalling.

While men are sincere Theists they cannot help seeing God in the unexpected and the calamitous.

During the plague, the theatres were closed; and, to a new player such an event was doubly calamitous.

The result of a refusal on your part to receive me will be attended by calamitous consequences to yourself.