Calcify [verb]

Definition of Calcify:

make hard

Synonyms of Calcify:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calcify:

Sentence/Example of Calcify:

At the fifth year the second permanent molars, and at the eighth year the third molars or wisdom teeth, begin to calcify.

The permanent molars begin to calcify at the twenty-fifth week of fœtal life.

My father did not achieve that for himself, as his arteries had started to calcify before he discovered the immortality vitamin.

The underlying blood coagulates rapidly, and the periosteum begins to calcify within a few weeks, as shown by the X-ray.

The permanent incisors do not calcify until a year after birth.

Caseation forms cheesy masses, which may soften into tubercular pus, may calcify, and may become encapsulated by fibroid tissue.