Calcined [verb]

Definition of Calcined:

be on fire; set on fire

Synonyms of Calcined:

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Sentence/Example of Calcined:

This metal readily parts with its phlogiston, so as to be very subject to calcine, or rust, by exposure to the air.

Heat gently with a Bunsen burner until the sulphur burns, and then calcine until no more sulphurous oxide comes off.

Calcine, with occasional stirring, until no odour of sulphurous oxide can be detected.

Some vanners calcine their samples before commencing to van.

Transfer the filter and its contents to an E Battersea crucible, and calcine it for a few minutes.

Dry the precipitate, calcine it, and calculate the proportion of bromine from the volume of oxygen gas now disengaged.

A clay like soil they call calcine, in strata from white to reddish brown, forms their walls.

But if in the dissolving there be aqua fortis, it sufficeth to calcine it.

To 'calcine' is to reduce a metal to an oxide, by the action of heat.

Mix white iron ore (manganese iron ore), 15 parts, with lime, 85 parts; calcine and powder as above.