Calculating [adjective]

Definition of Calculating:

scheming to manipulate

Synonyms of Calculating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculating:

Sentence/Example of Calculating:

All that calculating happens within the machine, and to human eyes it would look like a long string of 0s and 1s.

There is more of artfulness in the flatteries which appear to involve a calculating intention to say the nice agreeable thing.

He stood now with a calculating look, almost as if he were checking the verity of the report.

But when Richard's calculating mind came to give thought to the future he found that this occasioned him some care.

Usually cool and calculating, steady and active-minded, he seemed to have lost all grip upon himself.

Inserting these values in our general equation and calculating the result, we obtain 18.1E6 as the value of the constant.

And one part of him was calculating the best places to set his two remaining bombs for the wildest possible destruction.

At Heilbronn our road branches off to the left; and we roll diligently towards Sinzheim, calculating to be there before nightfall.

Sobber was with a chum named Nick Pell, and both eyed Dick in a calculating manner which was highly offensive.

He looked at the door, calculating whether he could make a spring for the ax before Carlson could grapple him.