Calculatingly [adverb]

Definition of Calculatingly:

done of one's own free will

Opposite/Antonyms of Calculatingly:


Sentence/Example of Calculatingly:

It carefully and calculatingly distributed his riches among the members of his family, overlooking no individual of it.

The sharp, Julian cast of countenance was never more pronounced, and the eagle eyes gleamed inquiringly, calculatingly.

He settled his spectacles more firmly upon his nose, and ran his gaze calculatingly over the assembled voters.

In the end the Browns always yielded, but grudgingly, calculatingly, never being taken by surprise.

New "skids" are nicely peeled by hewing off the bark smoothly, and plentifully as well as calculatingly laid along the road.

"Perhaps it would be wisdom on our part to kneel before the thing," said Hugh calculatingly.

He looked about him calculatingly as though wondering what was best to do first, and the man on the bed stirred uneasily.

A pause followed and he looked about the room again calculatingly; then started as though he had forgotten something.

As he halted with a swagger beside his men, one of them spoke quickly in an undertone and he looked calculatingly about the room.

Patrick denied hotly though still calculatingly, and risked a step forward, stopping when the gun instantly swung his way.