Calibrated [adjective]

Definition of Calibrated:

arranged or marked according to a scale

Synonyms of Calibrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calibrated:


Sentence/Example of Calibrated:

The light emitted enters the eyes and stimulates the retina, activating the hippocampus and calibrating the body’s clock to daytime.

Hope also requires that we learn to use this data to effectively calibrate progress—no matter how small.

There’s a calibrated approach to this setup, allowing for customizable user experiences and integration with optional weight and mat training.

His eyes were still on the needles that kept creeping higher and higher along the calibrated periphery of the meters.

A small aluminium sphere was arranged to blow out at the end of a light cord exerting tension on a calibrated spring.

Inside, her occupants grimaced helplessly as they watched various instruments guide tiny pointers across calibrated faces.

A thermometer should not be calibrated until some weeks after making, as the glass bulb tends to contract.

On Tuesday morning the weather was too thick to permit of the ships being swung and her compasses calibrated.

Testing machines are usually calibrated to a portion of their capacity before leaving the factory.

The measurements of the permanganate were made from a burette which had been carefully calibrated.