Calibration [noun]

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This dosage is carefully calibrated by each champagne producer to create a consistent house style and balance the raw character of the wine.

Samples from 51 tumors dating back to 2003 helped calibrate this timeline.

The main outcome measure was pain threshold, which was assessed with an algometer—basically a blunt rod that applies a carefully calibrated amount of pressure to your skin.

In a challenge trial, the first step is to calibrate the virus dose the volunteers will be given.

Lower courts, legal advocates, and state legislatures all calibrate their actions, at least to some extent, based on how far they think the Supreme Court is willing to go.

The whole of the firing was therefore carried out from the map and by calibration.

He began to turn its center dial, at first a quarter circle, and then all the way to the final backstop of the calibration.

The atomic pile levers were still at their proper calibration.

They certainly must have a symbology for the calibration of scientific instruments.

Finer calibration, he had said realistically, would have to wait for more developmental work.