Caliper [verb]

Definition of Caliper:

calculate, judge

Synonyms of Caliper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caliper:

Sentence/Example of Caliper:

The scale and object to be marked are fastened in line with one another, and the caliper bar is used from step to step.

The other extremities of these buttons are spherical and polished and serve as caliper points in the operation of measuring.

An inspector would need to be equipped with an ordinary rectangular caliper.

This measurement can be got by removing both end stones and taking the distance with a Boley gage or a douzieme caliper.

After the adjusting screw to the caliper is set, the spring of the blades allows of their removal.

In the upper left-hand part of the engraving the details of a useful addition to the caliper are shown.

The combination caliper and divider shown in Fig. 15 is one that is not manufactured by any of the various tool companies.

The thumb-screw D is used for fastening the attachment to the sliding jaw of the vernier or slide caliper.

The set-screws GGG are put in at a slight angle so that the caliper will be held firmly and squarely in this base.

Fig. 18 shows a large beam caliper designed for machinists and patternmakers.