Caliphs [noun]

Definition of Caliphs:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Caliphs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caliphs:

Sentence/Example of Caliphs:

He became the astronomer and physician of the Caliph Motadhid.

I went immediately to wait upon the caliph, and gave him an account of my embassy.

A similar temper was diffused among the subjects of the caliph.

The word Caliph means the vicar or the successor of the Prophet.

If they prefer to continue to recognize the Sultan as Caliph, they should be free to do so.

He will be a perfect Caliph, and will rule over all nations.

But it was not intended by Arabi to strengthen the power of a Turkish Caliph.

It is now clear to all the world that Turkey cannot be reformed by a Caliph.

It is not a question of deposing one Caliph and setting up another.

The armies of the Greek emperor melted away before the generals of the caliph.