Callers [noun]

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Never keep a caller waiting whilst you make an elaborate toilette.

A caller at the home of Mlle. Cormon, and afterwards at that of M. du Bousquier, who married "the old maid."

Having escorted his illustrious caller to the outer door, he took his leave with a respectful bow.

The caller hauled a plug of tobacco from his pocket, gnawed off a chew, and began slow wagging of his jaws.

The caller pointed to the dim bulk of a small island which the cove held between the bold jaws of its headland.

It was of those days she was thinking as she sat there waiting for the caller, whose generosity had set her free.

Without waiting for me to go on, my boyish-looking caller began speaking.

Oftentimes a caller has by chance let drop a morsel that was quickly picked up and preserved.

One evening when May with heavy clouds and slant rains was making the city as miserable as possible, Ethel had a caller.

I should be only a visitor, or formal caller upon nature, and the family would all wear masks.