Calligraphy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Calligraphy:

It’s universally available, it’s affordable, and it can be as simple as a note scrawled on a postcard or as complex as a work of calligraphy.

The paper is suitable for calligraphy pens, brush and ball pens, acrylic colors, watercolor, and more.

Hilda took the letter with apprehension, as she recognized the down-slanting calligraphy of Sarah Gailey.

The two notes looked harmless enough, and the calligraphy of one was vaguely familiar.

It was a good hand now, though the scamp would never be a professor of calligraphy.

Hence the introduction of calligraphy must be placed in 405.

In his later years Backhuysen employed his time in etching and calligraphy.

We are told that he learnt the alphabet in one day, the “art of spelling” the following day, and calligraphy the next!

And he produced a piece of paper upon which he had scrawled the two names in his illiterate calligraphy.

I have always been a great admirer of the calligraphy of the Middle Ages, & of the earlier printing which took its place.