Callow [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Callow:

There lay the callow brood marked out by Nature and man, for her ministrations.

Next morning early they sent in their 'callow' verses to the great man, and followed shortly themselves.

When he was haled into court, despite his callow years, he came with insolent confidence, as one above the law.

"I wonder the rebels had the courage to pursue you," said a very callow youth named Graves.

As I looked at the two callow things in the grass, a dismay and weak helplessness quite overcame me.

It is only the callow young clamoring for food, or complaining of their circumscribed quarters.

Neither is he the friend of the sportsman, for he makes havoc among the young grouse and quail and the callow woodcock.

Hilaire was in Japan, and I—a callow fledgling from the nest—was very sick and sorry for myself.

I had certainly no desire for marriage or a wife, because I had no thought in my callow head of either.

Ken was callow, young, and backward; but he had a temper, and this kind of banter roused it easily.