Callused [verb]

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This callus may form upon any cut surface, or even where the bark has been abraded.

You can get the callus almost every time, but it is very difficult to secure the development of roots afterwards.

President Morris: How about getting callus by three months, we will say, in storage?

On January 11 the cambium ring at the lower end of the cuttings had begun to callus.

The butternut and black walnut hardly showed any callus at all after keeping the sphagnum wet as long as my men would do it.

I don't think there was a callus on the hickory in less than thirty days.

In most cases either a pure nightshade or a pure tomato grew out from this callus.

Grafted walnuts show callus growth from the cambium, and also from the pith of stems and the endodermis of the root.

This may have been too high, as on raising the cuttings it was found the callus had rotted.

Hence Asinius Callus moved "that the Sibylline books might be consulted."