Calmed [verb]

Definition of Calmed:

make composed, quiet

Synonyms of Calmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calmed:

Sentence/Example of Calmed:

Tiny silver fish darted to and fro beneath a tumbling waterfall and he felt calmed and reassured by the sight.

Before the storm thus raised had calmed down, Mr Durant entered the room.

I read and reread this letter ten times over; then the thought of the pain it would give to Marguerite calmed me a little.

But there was a terrible silence in those two rooms, and in a few moments it chilled and calmed her.

The reasons I gave her calmed her fears for awhile, but the trouble increased and she took fright again.

"You are mistaken there," said Anna, very mildly, for the honest encomiums of the poor man had calmed her anger.

Astonishment and curiosity calmed for a moment the impure ardor of the Crusaders.

The moans which I had before heard again smote my ear, and calmed my agitation with wonder and pity.

Kalingalunga soon calmed them down by letting them know that he was painted for a private, not a national feud.

But when he had calmed down a little, he looked at me keenly.