Calmer [adjective]

Definition of Calmer:

peaceful, quiet (inanimate)

Synonyms of Calmer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calmer:

Sentence/Example of Calmer:

A biggish sea running, subsiding as the day went on—and my mind grew calmer with the waves.

Joan was calmer now, and her mother had put on some warmer, and less miraculous, garments.

But Weirmarsh had already realised that reflection had brought his victim to a calmer state of mind.

Gradually, however, the girl became calmer, her manner to Georgie got softer and more caressing.

But she was a little calmer in manner; and Val stood upright before her with folded arms.

Wild thoughts rushed through his mind; but at length he became calmer.

In calmer moments his mind would doubtless have pierced the cheap sophistry of the Count, and discarded it.

Never was he more contented with his lot, or calmer in mind, than a few months before he entered the Conservatoire.

He was stronger and calmer, and could command his thoughts again, and he hurried eagerly on.

Towards morning the excess of my grief had grown calmer, and I was even astonished at the change.