Calming [adjective]

Definition of Calming:


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Sentence/Example of Calming:

Then come the legal challenges, and given the state of things, we can’t exactly expect patience and calm.

Doctors often treat the disorder with steroids that calm the inflammatory process, though serious cases can have long-term consequences.

Every day I could focus just a bit more, and my mind grew calmer.

While Putin will prop up Lukashenko, he would sacrifice him in a minute if he thought this would facilitate calm without fundamentally changing Belarusian dynamics.

These trays will really elevate your bathing experience, keeping you carefree and calm in your personal, at-home spa.

Kenosha’s streets were calm Thursday following peaceful protests.

Visualizing our feelings using virtual reality can help us keep calm and better manage anxiety and stress.

Part of his job is to keep things under control — and a computer can’t calm down an upset or angry player.

After an extremely bumpy ride, travel publishers are starting to see some signs of calm returning to their business.

Whether it’s about Twitter or any other platform, efforts are being made to prevent the Coronavirus outbreak and guide people to stay calm and prepared to handle any healthcare urgency.