Calumniate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Calumniate:

Young men there are who behind our backs calumniate us and before us kiss our hands, with a base smile begging kind looks from us!

The hired advocate may calumniate as he will, but he can show no collusion or connivance on your part.

The imbeciles are not content to calumniate, to persecute, to make wretched the artist in his lifetime.

Calumniate a human being in youth—adulate that being in age;—what has been the interval?

But what would become of "bad tongues" in this world if there were not generous natures to calumniate and vilify?

He has crowned the outrage of this debate by venturing to rise here and calumniate me.

Our bigots, who calumniate the world, have said a hundred times, that your religion succeeded only because it was wholly sensual.

If the vice-governatore could drink her liquor, what mariner would henceforth dare calumniate it!

He speaks to calumniate thinkers, and to warn the faithful against the discoveries of science.

Yes, what would be his judgment of those who in public preaching clinch and claw, attack and calumniate each other?