Calumnies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Calumnies:

It has been said that the Duke betrayed the Bourbons and was privy to the Emperor's return, but this is a calumny.

Calumny, instead of gratitude, was unsparingly heaped upon herself and her husband.

The similitude is a calumny on the descendants of Ishmael; the fiercest Bedouin are refined and mild compared with the Apaches.

Neither envy nor calumny had the least influence over me, or I felt it only from persons who had not the power to injure me.

Then he flung his glove at the king's feet, saying: "Let him who believes that calumny come forward!"

Calumny, with its hundred tongues, exaggerated the turbulence of the people, and invented wild tales of violence.

This remnant, in spite of calumny and persecution, are the only ones who do not tamely submit to the orders of the first comer.

Two other women accompanied Calumny, and arranged her hair and her ornaments, and one was Perfidy and the other Fraud.

Oh, but how the ragged tooth of calumny gnawed his very heart!

He declared it a calumny, as you did, and declared war upon the lot of them.