Calves [noun]

Definition of Calves:

leg between knee and ankle

Synonyms of Calves:

Opposite/Antonyms of Calves:


Sentence/Example of Calves:

She kep' more calves an' yearlin's than 'peared like she'd ought to, but she raised a power of stuff for market, 'count of 'em.

A little trick with skimpy skirts whipped about plump calves crossed on over.

One of the golden calves was given by king Manahem, to Phul, king of the Assyrians, to engage him to stand by him.

It affected Bud unpleasantly, just as the incessant bawling of a band of weaning calves used to do.

First, a musket ball hit him and went through the calves of both legs, but he kept on his feet.

He bought purebred cows from the B-line folks, and sold them the big, weaned calves.

I jist turn the calves in with the cows and let nature take her course, so she lets Jim do the milkin'.

Calves thus brought up, have often proved light-bellied, indifferent feeders, and decidedly inferior animals.

The golden calves of the wilderness were another form of the worship of the sacred bulls of Memphis.

A bunch of yellowish red calves were startled out of a willow clump and turned to watch the intruders.