Camber [noun]

Definition of Camber:

angle, slope

Synonyms of Camber:

Opposite/Antonyms of Camber:

Sentence/Example of Camber:

It is usually bent to a "camber," and the brick arch built upon it naturally takes the same curve.

That means the Chord can be proportionately decreased without adversely affecting the Camber.

The main surface towards the wing-tips is given a decreasing angle of incidence and corresponding camber.

Then, in order that the lift-drift ratio may be preserved, there must be a corresponding decrease in the camber.

Then they had tea in the house below the club-house on the left-hand side of the road as you go towards Camber Sands.

A company was also put ashore at Camber, a little boat harbour nestling just east and under the ruined fort of Sedd-ul-Bahr.

Catching hold of your hand, to show you what the camber was—and then letting it go!

Mathematics is painful enough to me when it is used in calculating the camber of an airplane wing.

The top camber: If this was flat it would produce a rarefied area of irregular shape.

A comparatively small camber follows as a result of the small angle of incidence.