Cameras [noun]

Definition of Cameras:

photographic equipment

Synonyms of Cameras:

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Sentence/Example of Cameras:

A leather cased camera was suspended from his bull neck by means of a strap.

He ran from the stamping mill, his camera bobbing from the strap around his neck and his tripod dragging behind him.

In this vicinity are the Burnham beeches, made known almost everywhere by the camera and the brush of the artist.

In fact, if we should peek in the back of the camera, and to do so would ruin the exposure, we could not even see it.

Now if we could look inside the camera and the image were visible, we would see that it was upside down.

The camera obscura consisted of a box with a lens at one end and a ground glass at the other, just like a modern camera.

Here are two photographs taken in the same field and of the same view, with the camera pointed in the same direction in both.

Meanwhile Roly, camera in hand, was manœuvring for a position from which he could take a picture.

The next instant the click of the shutter in the camera announced that the prize was secure.

She had struck up a friendship with the first mate, who, possessing a camera, had taken their photographs.