Camisoles [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Camisoles:

Her pretty foot has pressed this piece of rubber; it can be conveniently sewed to the camisole and worn next the heart.

The corpse was clothed in a camisole of white satin, and covered with a crimson mantle of the same material.

This name is said to have been given them because of the common blouse or camisole which they wore—their only uniform.

Then she slipped off her petticoat and camisole, and put on the muslin wrapper.

And as to the camisole and jupon, I am not quite sure about them either.

Mrs. Bindle, in petticoat and camisole, pushed Bindle aside and took her place in front of the mirror.

You'll sit next your young niece here, and see she don't go slipping any of the spoons off the table inside her camisole.

Grace uncarded a length of ribbon, and began to thread it through the lace of the garment known to the Hostel as a camisole.

Her sleeves were rolled up and her camisole was slipping down her shoulders.

A strait-jacket, indeed, is not a camisole, just as electrocution is not hanging.