Campaigning [verb]

Definition of Campaigning:

attempt to win political election

Opposite/Antonyms of Campaigning:


Sentence/Example of Campaigning:

“I will leave it to the campaign to make those determinations as to how to proceed,” she said.

Together, the couple has given about $70,000 in campaign contributions to Perdue.

Some have started a social media campaign urging Arlington residents to band together and save the teacher’s job.

However, advertisers will increasingly have more reason to put in the work to tailor their campaigns to CTV.

That’s no way to manage anything, least of all millions of dollars of media investment in video campaigns.

Whatever message was sent by my campaign was not sent by me but was sent instead by the voters in my district.

Last year’s 30 Days of Savings campaign delivered 12 times more revenue than estimated, Lambert said, and this year, just a few days in, revenue is five times higher than it was last year.

In a pitch deck shared with ad buyers in late 2019, Amazon noted that some publishers are able to bar the company from naming them in campaign reports.

Brands and ad agencies are asking for both Instagram and TikTok to be distribution points for campaigns involving creators, Sawtelle said.

Other organizations with extensive experience in vaccination campaigns are also stepping up to help.