Campgrounds [noun]

Definition of Campgrounds:

site for outdoor living

Synonyms of Campgrounds:

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Sentence/Example of Campgrounds:

Draw the belt tighter, my son, and hew me out this tree that is fallen across the road, for our campground is not here.

Its tenting once more on the old campground for us, fellows.

Both chalet and campground guests avail themselves of the opportunity to meet for pleasure and instruction under the stars.

Of course we didn't believe it, but last night we went to a picnic at the Old Mine Campground, and we saw it too!

We had a fine campground, stretching from Fourteenth street through to Seventh, well adapted to drill and parade purposes.

This is a delightful public campground, beside the rushing Middle Fork, with the usual accommodations.

Resolved, that the Elephants proceed to the campground in the morning.

When old Brother Bunk and his family arrived at their home, which was two miles from the campground.

When she saw that, of the canvas row below the stockade not a tent remained, and the campground lay deserted.

Before night we were again on our campground of the December before.