Campos [noun]

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The other, the Campo de Santa Anna, is exceedingly extensive, but unfinished.

Before 1806 the election took place with great ceremony and feasting, and sometimes fighting, in the Campo de Sta.

The Pardo may be reached through the Casa de Campo, a gate at the extreme end of the principal drive leading into the forest.

So far as colour is concerned, they have attained no greater success than the Campo Santo frescoes of Cornelius.

The gipsy departed alone for the Campo Santo, since my Spanish friend was too much afraid of witchcraft to go there with her.

I wonder if a single flower could not be made to grow in a pot of earth from that Campo Santo of my childhood!

This peace, the peace of Campo Formio, was for both sides a thoroughly scoundrelly and ultimately a disastrous bargain.

I have the honor to deliver to you the treaty signed at Campo Formio, and ratified by the emperor.

So the men lay down for their siesta, and I was standing by my horse looking over the campo.

On the 18th of April 1766 he was again exiled from court, and ordered to go to Medina del Campo.