Campsites [noun]

Definition of Campsites:

place for trailers

Synonyms of Campsites:

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Sentence/Example of Campsites:

Jim hasnt come back yet, Virginia informed him, and if we dont get started, we wont make our next campsite before dark.

White Otter was overjoyed to find a great company of Ogalalas assembled at the campsite.

Then they came upon the campsite of the outlaw, his last camping place before he turned back.

You feel reasonably sure that I will be taking no risks in accompanying you back to the campsite?

The meadow, bordered by red and white fir and Jeffrey and lodgepole pine, offers an attractive but cold campsite.

At the headwaters of this creek is a small meadow at the right of the trail, a good campsite with forage fairly abundant.

It is small and contains no trout, but offers an attractive campsite among the meadows and park-like forests.

The nearest campsite downstream is at the creek crossing three miles further.

Bearing southward, our trail emerges in one mile at Westfall Meadow, another good campsite.

It was with a distinct feeling of homesickness that Marian turned to look back at the campsite.