Canard [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Canard:

This is, of course, a canard tossed in the last week of the year, with the House now out of session.

He kindly offered to drive us to Canard River, a place not far distant from the termination of our journey.

Personally I do not believe this wild canard of a foreign invasion.

For a moment Hazel found herself believing the Herald story a pure canard.

Elephants will be admitted, too, on account of the unjust canard concerning their fear of mice.

It was even said that the Germans were marching on Brussels, but this was contradicted afterwards as a sensational canard.

But it is just the sort of canard which the gentry on the other side of the frontier would invent to keep things quiet.

You mean that he is the author of the canard, said Lewis, with sharp eyes, taking up a newspaper.

They were found in possession of the bridge over Aux Canard river, five miles from Malden.

What with the collapse of the war scare, and this canard about Mrs. Noel, there was indeed cause for alarm.