Canceled [verb]

Definition of Canceled:

call off; erase

Synonyms of Canceled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canceled:

Sentence/Example of Canceled:

A lease made by a minor is not void, but he may avoid or cancel it by some positive act.

Does a debtor who turns over a note to his creditor in payment, thereby cancel the debt?

Either of the parties might cancel the bond, but only after a formal and public notice of his intentions.

Mendelssohn wanted to cancel the excommunication on the ground that the church has no rights in civil matters.

The Law does not cancel the promise, but faith in the promised Christ cancels the Law.

If you bring back a good report, perhaps we can cancel out certain—unfortunate items in your record.

Their delinquency, it is true, does not cancel hers, but it offers some slight degree of extenuation.

Charles had one great virtue which seems to us at times to cancel most of his vices—a fine sense of humour.

The two would simply cancel each other out and we'd waste a lot of power going nowhere.

With a list of the calls they were to make they drove forth each day to cancel the social debt.