Cancelled [verb]

Definition of Cancelled:

call off; erase

Synonyms of Cancelled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cancelled:

Sentence/Example of Cancelled:

Synaptic cells summed and integrated, cancelled and compared and with saucy assurance sent the findings on toward Cumulative.

Likewise, his poll taxes are cancelled and annulled for the three years next preceding if he has an honorable discharge.

In spite of everything, he felt him present, an offence to his personal dignity, that visitor whose invitation had been cancelled.

They issued their own decrees without his authority, and sometimes cancelled his orders without consulting him.

Merchants combined to stop all importation from England, cancelled their orders and delayed sending remittances.

The troops were making preparations to burn the house, acting on the general order, which had not been cancelled.

However, Rose's appointment was not in any great danger of being cancelled.

The contract can be cancelled by either party with one week's notice.

"After I have cancelled my indebtedness to you," she said, serenely.

There's no interest to pay and there's no note to pay; here is the cancelled note paid in full.