Cancelling [verb]

Definition of Cancelling:

call off; erase

Synonyms of Cancelling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cancelling:

Sentence/Example of Cancelling:

“Dirty drab and rose-pink, with their silly cancelling contest”—does not that sum up the English drama of the last few years?

At Belfort Paul directed him to send another message cancelling the reservation.

The cancelling and date marking operation is performed at the rate of 400 or 500 letters per minute.

The young Mason Grew had not at first accepted this astral episode as the complete cancelling of his claims on romance.

But now she praises you to the skies, because of your cancelling that enormous debt, and proposing to help the Duchess.

This is where the payments to the engravers of the stamps appear, as well as items for cancelling stamps, post-marks, etc.

Banks have a custom, after paying and charging cheques, of cancelling them by punching or making some cut through their face.

A circular letter was sent to subscribers on Nov. 14, stating this and giving them an opportunity of cancelling their orders.

I would not tell you in health what I tell you in convalescence, nor urge you to compose what I dissuade you from cancelling.

The cancelling of my apprenticeship had at first caused some trouble, but eventually the count's gold silenced their objections.