Candelabra [noun]

Definition of Candelabra:

holder for candles

Synonyms of Candelabra:

Opposite/Antonyms of Candelabra:


Sentence/Example of Candelabra:

A tall candelabrum, bearing a small antique lamp with highly perfumed oil, is standing near the head of my sleeping friend.

"Put the candelabrum on this table—here," said Mrs. Kildair, indicating a large round table on which a few books were grouped.

The lights in the candelabrum were out, but a gray light came in at the top and bottom of the window.

The candelabrum supported the seven lamps, which gave light to the ministering priests.

It came from the prism pendants encircling the old-fashioned candelabrum in her hand.

The glowing candelabrum of seven candles on either side of the square mirror surprised her deeply.

Quick as a passing sunshadow, his hand swept the candelabrum from the table.

During the imposing celebrations of Semana Santa, the candelabrum is lit by thirteen candles.

Among the wreckage, resistance was being blown out like the lights of a candelabrum.

A single lighted candelabrum scarcely disturbed the mystery of the moonlight, which streamed in like a "milky way."