Candid [adjective]

Definition of Candid:


Opposite/Antonyms of Candid:

Sentence/Example of Candid:

Tell Lady Maude the candid truth, and take shame and blame to yourself, as you deserve.

In spite of all the sneers of infidels, the candid reader finds the divine record sublime in its simplicity.

No candid observer will deny that whatever of good there is in our civilization is the product of the gospel.

She was, to be candid, knitting an afghan against an interesting event which involved a friend of hers.

No,” answered the Reverend Frank with a candid smile, “I saw no shepherds run past here.

He had a unique position, a reputation for caring, caring with the candid purity of high passion, only for the best.

And now to her candid and naturally confiding nature this reticence gave her almost a guilty feeling.

M. Guizot, the chief minister of the king, was as little candid as his master.

For it would be cruel to distress these candid, unselfish girls by confessions of ill-will or prejudice which no longer exist.

He saw only a candid inquiring face with a faint shade of surprise in its quiet earnestness, unquestionably not affected.