Candidate [noun]

Definition of Candidate:

person desiring political office, job

Opposite/Antonyms of Candidate:


Sentence/Example of Candidate:

The Democrats have also tried to steer that discontent in their direction — especially Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a long-time registered Independent, who was for a time a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

The announcement that Fraser would indeed attain the long-elusive corner office of a big Wall Street bank was widely celebrated—and kicked off widespread speculation about the most likely next candidates to follow her lead.

Even that proposal was one that Biden, as a candidate who doesn’t hold elective office, obviously had no power to actually implement.

Biden holds a similar 22-point advantage on which candidate is more honest and trustworthy, 56 percent to 34 percent.

Sinopharm has tested both of these vaccines in the UAE, but it is unclear if the UAE granted emergency approval to one or both candidates.

Still, Republicans will field candidates for every major office on the ballot this year.

With major pharmaceutical companies spending billions of dollars to create an effective vaccine, several candidates will eventually be approved by the FDA, each with its own scientific approach and level of effectiveness.

Coker questions whether Lorson has particular candidates in mind, or if McCoy recommended someone to fill his position.

The Colonel left, and in a few days the election coming off, each candidate made his appearance at the critical German polls.

In admitting a member, if no form of election has been prescribed, each candidate must be elected separately.