Candidates [noun]

Definition of Candidates:

person desiring political office, job

Synonyms of Candidates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Candidates:


Sentence/Example of Candidates:

Them gentlemen is candidates for a rope necktie apiece—nice perfessional assassins t' have in the Police!

Candidates for fameand for Mrs. Kerricks very handsome prizemay learn much if they will faithfully attend Miss Goulds classes.

In this connection, the return for the three candidates who offered themselves for election in 1774 may be of interest.

But defeated candidates will quite agree that the game of "bleu et jaune" is a good deal worse than "rouge et noir."

The latter are elected out of those of the class of younger Brethren who volunteer, and are approved as candidates for the office.

Votes of confidence were then put for both candidates, when that in favour of Mr. Birrell was declared carried.

He flattered himself that by timely suggestion he had stumped at least half a dozen would-be candidates for Mildreds hand.

Montague and Secretary Vernon were the ministerial candidates for Westminster.

This does not alter the fact that candidates, who are not Oxford or Cambridge men, have no chance of being elected.

Jim Allen and Pazzy Cox were placed before the meeting as candidates amid the stimulated applause of their adherents.