Candidness [noun]

Definition of Candidness:

harmlessness, naiveté

Opposite/Antonyms of Candidness:

Sentence/Example of Candidness:

Rooted in truth and candidness, this song is easily the most healthiest love song outside anyone not named Jhené Aiko.

Women didn’t hold back, a school district leader certainly had a take on the state of the district, the mayor reversed himself, newspapers apologized and Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez displayed her characteristic candidness.

The value of their joint production lies in this candidness.

He struck the final note in the candidness of the establishment, a priest whose ritual contained no mysteries.

To-day there are certain recognized courtesies of speech, and kindliness has taken the place of candidness.

"I am not of your opinion, my dear Charlotte," objected John, whose candidness would have suffered under the reticence.

"You're not," she remonstrated with the candidness that John found later was so engaging.