Candies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Candies:

"I'll give you a dozen of them if you'll take them," he was saying ardently—evidently in reference to the candies.

Everywhere, too (Mrs. Kennedy declared), were dishes heaped with chocolate candies.

Each masterpiece in a fluted silver dish, silver candies sprinkled on the pink whipped cream!

Mupugung (mupapugung) sa pulsu ang kindi, Candies will stave off hunger.

Candies, cigarettes—and ordinary, plain cigarettes are good enough, so long as you send plenty.

They are stick candy, fruit tablets, sunshine candies, and other varieties which may be sucked.

Hard candies, taken along with the desserts at meal time, in no wise injure the normal stomach of the healthy child.

And they all had a wonderful party of ice cream and cakes and puddings and candies, the best party ever you saw.

Sometimes I fall from grace; for I still crave the delightful cakes and candies and ice cream upon which I was brought up.

On the right, as you went in, was a small show-case filled with bright coloured candies, displayed in the original packages.