Candy [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Candy:

The holiday is basically an “excuse to buy candy,” says Dickerson.

She added that if trick-or-treating is lower than expected, Hershey will focus on the “Treat for Me and Candy Bowl occasion”—industry-speak for people buying candy that they will end up eating themselves.

Self-consumption has always been a massive part of the holiday and may end up salvaging sales for candy makers this year.

The inside shop is full of Nordic products, from sodas to mustards to mints and candies.

It is a nontoxic substance often used in candy to bind ingredients together.

I need to repeat my experiment and make enough rock candy to detect a difference between the three groups.

To test this hypothesis, I made three batches of rock candy.

For this experiment, that meant cooking up 12 batches of rock candy for each group.

Clarence's papa said the candy had better be eaten by monkeys than by boys; but I doubt whether Clarence was of that opinion.

He fed the monkeys with candy, and laughed to see them hang by their tails while they took it from his hand.