Caning [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Caning:

Do you think I'm to put up with his talking of caning me, and such like, because of his being a young gentleman?

Walter Riley had recovered by this time from Kennedy's caning and occupied a front seat among the spectators.

You know I detest caning, and I really could not do it, never having had occasion for it for months together.

Crimsoned all over with shame and anger, Kenrick sat down, and Somers proceeded to administer to Harpour a most severe caning.

Harpour refused to take the caning, and the monitors are holding a meeting this morning to decide what to do about Harpour.

Lorimer had sought Beatrix, that day, much in the mood in which the naughty boy turns his back to receive his allotted caning.

Too frequently he got off safe, but occasionally he would get a caning in the bargain to assist his digestion.

After the third caning, we had a committee meeting in my study, and decided that something must be done.

As to those Roman officers, my sons, were they not sent back to their army—after a thorough caning?

They were not sceptical about the methods in use and had no squeamishness about caning, but the children respected them the most.