Canisters [noun]

Definition of Canisters:

container, cauldron

Synonyms of Canisters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canisters:


Sentence/Example of Canisters:

The reveillée of the sleeping Mexicans was the discharge of our two field-pieces loaded with canister.

This time they were not met by the cavalrymen alone, but the cannon belched forth its deadly charge of canister in their faces.

Quick as thought, the two cannon were run forward and a storm of canister swept the bushes.

The gunners at the batteries were quick to respond, and sent grape and canister across the stream.

Birney wheeled his batteries into position, and opened with canister, and the Rebels fled to the shelter of the woods.

A couple of elastic metal bands fastened the canister to the chest of the wearer.

The merman uncoiled a length of thin, flexible piping which joined a two-foot canister with a flat piece of metallic fabric.

With infinite care the merman fitted two of the cylinders into the canister and then was forced to set the other aside.

The whole battery—six pieces—opens by a volley, sending streams of canister down the slope!

"Give them double-shotted canister," shouts Green to his gunners, and they ram home the charges with a will.