Canker [noun]

Definition of Canker:

blistered infection

Synonyms of Canker:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canker:

Sentence/Example of Canker:

Dr. Walsh informed me that he deemed it excellent for canker in the ear, but of that I have had no experience.

Thou eating canker-worm, that preyest upon the opening bud, and turnest the damask-rose into livid yellowness!

The canker eat into the rose—soiled and marred its perfectness—chipped and wasted its beauty—but could not destroy its perfume!

A fallacy, a canker at the heart of our social fabric today, is that the daily task is something to be rid of.

The extravagant and imprudent conduct of his sons also acted as a canker upon his heart.

How little do we dream of the canker at the hearts of these women lilies that look so pure and full of grace!

The kingbird feeds on beetles, canker-worms, and winged insects, with an occasional dessert of berries.

I speak now of out-of-the-way places—free as yet from the canker of the tourist element—such as I habitually chose.

Horseflesh on the top of other trials had implanted the canker of despair in more than one sensitive soul.

But it could not do away with the canker of unrest and self-disgust that seemed gnawing at the core of his brain.