Cannibal [noun]

Definition of Cannibal:

beast, beastlike human

Synonyms of Cannibal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cannibal:

Sentence/Example of Cannibal:

They admit that a Feejee cannibal has just the same "mighty and transcendent soul" that they themselves have.

I knew that an Irishman could become anything from a poet to a policeman, but I never heard of one becoming a cannibal before.

The Prince of Taranto, while speaking and acting like a cannibal, was following the inspiration of an atrocious policy.

The dark type, which is black, is of a very low order, and in some of the islands still retains its cannibal habits.

She roasted some meat, a cannibal smelt it, and went to the cave, but found the door fastened.

But to return to the Kaffir story: When the cannibal is carrying Demazana away, she drops ashes along the path.

With no very great stretch of the imagination, I could picture a cannibal feast with these very men the chief actors.

The Spaniards explored these islands, lost their way at times in the forest, and once came to the homes of some cannibal Caribs.

And third, never to intrust the care of youth to a cannibal heathen South Sea Islander.

There were so many unmistakable signs to presage what was coming that I knew a cannibal feast was about to take place.