Cannibalistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cannibalistic:

Unlike other sharks, lamniforms practice intrauterine cannibalism.

"I don't suppose any Frenchman is given to cannibalistic diet," he answered, smiling.

They took back with them many Spaniards and Tlascalans as captives for sacrifice and the cannibalistic feast which followed.

I had read considerable about them, much of which ridiculed the rumors of their cannibalistic traits.

Their first pastimes are killing games, playing dead, stories of witches, cannibalistic ogres.

They were represented as of gigantic proportions, herculean strength and ferocious and cannibalistic propensities.

Later Stade spent several most trying years as the captive of a cannibalistic tribe.

I give you a guarantee I shall not bite; you look altogether too hard for my cannibalistic propensities.

It may be an act of callous brutality or to satisfy cannibalistic cravings.

When within a few miles of it Blithelygo unfeelingly remarked that its population might be cannibalistic.