Cannonballs [noun]

Definition of Cannonballs:

communication, often written

Synonyms of Cannonballs:

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Sentence/Example of Cannonballs:

This village we have just mentioned was on the east side of the river nearly opposite to the mouth of the Cannonball River.

They were not at all certain where they were, but they knew they were a long way from the mouth of the Little Cannonball.

The skunk retaliated in his own fashion; and shortly after, they moved forever out of the cabin on the Little Cannonball.

It is a prairie stream paralleling Cannonball and Cheyenne rivers, and largely destitute of timber.

Being laid about six feet thick, a cannonball could not have penetrated.

Don Cort had been dozing in what passed for the club car on the Buckeye Cannonball when the train braked to a stop.

A cannonball struck Saint Ruth, as he stood in the middle of the battery and killed him instantly.

As I entered the building a cannonball from the enemy crashed through the house and killed four soldiers by the stairway.

A cannonball had in an instant cut away the top of his head in as straight a line as if it had been done with a surgeon's saw.

Grommet—a rope ring used as a wad to hold a cannonball in place in the bore.