Cannoneers [noun]

Definition of Cannoneers:

shooter of gun

Synonyms of Cannoneers:

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Sentence/Example of Cannoneers:

Two hours later those cannon were fired, and unluckily killed the cannoneer who had given Lilly a timely warning.

The cannoneer chose the densest red of the advancing mass, and sent the shot straight to the mark.

Yes, and the moat Fill'd up; the cannoneer hath done his parts; We may enter six abreast.

The gun was free to pass, and it passed, each cannoneer and driver looking once at John Agnor, lying dead with a steady face.

Many a cannoneer had sought rest on his back on the march, but none had ventured on so high a perch when going into battle.

Cannoneer number one of the gun crew occupied his prescribed position in the same location to the immediate right of the breech.

An hour later, a young cannoneer gave in to fatigue and ignored orders to the extent of reclining on gun trail and falling asleep.

It was an unspeakable humiliation for a cannoneer to be thus fingered by a driver, but what could we do?

A cannoneer swabbed inside the gun barrel to cool it down for more powder.

The Special Messenger rose quietly to her feet, and at the same instant a passing cannoneer turned and saw her in the doorway.