Canny [adjective]

Definition of Canny:

clever, artful

Opposite/Antonyms of Canny:

Sentence/Example of Canny:

That’s what the canny retail investors spotted when they decided to target GameStop.

Keen and canny, they drive a close bargain but, scrupulous and conscientious, fulfil it faithfully.

He is a steady lad,’ your father said, ‘and a canny goer; and I doubt not he will come safe, and be well liked where he goes.

After three years, during which he served me very faithfully, I transferred him to a Frenchman, Mr. Canny by name.'

The august name of Wilkins's was in its essence so exclusive that vast numbers of fairly canny provincials had never heard of it.

It had been mischievously started by Muriel and smilingly declined by three canny freshmen.

It was "no' canny" that this old man, with a cauld in his chest, had gone up full two days before and had not come down again.

I'm canny, by the ordinar', but my fule tongue will get me into trouble with the magistrates one of these days.

He was such a wee, wee, canny terrier, and so many of the windows had their views constantly shut out by washings.

An' gin ye find 'im lyin' canny, an' ye tak' a keek into 'is bonny brown een, ye can see he's aye greetin'.