Canoness [noun]

Definition of Canoness:

woman in religious order

Synonyms of Canoness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Canoness:


Sentence/Example of Canoness:

Very often was the Canoness constrained to absorb herself in her little illuminated prayer-book.

The Canoness he descried escaping, unseen by them, with the aid of a gardener, across the pond into the park.

She was made a canoness of the aristocratic order of St. Theresa, of which the Queen was the head.

All the voices, the voice of the merciful canoness excepted, demand with Countess Ursine, "Justice and vengeance!"

And a Parisian market-woman spoke better French than a German canoness with sixty-four ancestors.

She and the canoness, Mariana, would rather see a few young ensigns than all the staffs of the oldest Field-marshals!'

Germain presided at the foot of the table, having on his right a Canoness and on his left a young lady to be described presently.

Grancey whispered to the Canoness, and struck up a pæan of praise on the lean hound Aréthuse who led the hunt the previous day.

She was an elderly canoness of a noble order, belonging to one of the best families in Burgundy.

Of the color violet (restrained, mysterious, veiled love, color of canoness).